Better Than I Expected! (BenQ Zowie EC2-CW Review)

Benq zowie ec2-cw review The Zoe ec2 CW was released much later than its competition so I decided to take a page out of zawi’s book and release my review of it a good six months after its release I bought this with my own money and have extensively used it so here is what I like and don’t like about it


BenQ Zowie EC2-CW ReviewStarting off with what I like the shade it’s phenomenal and it’s completely unchanged from the original ec2 which I did quite enjoy when I tested it in the past it is extremely nice if you’re looking for an ergo mouth shape.

Benq Zowie Ec2-cw Review

BenQ Zowie EC2-CW ReviewThe ec1 ec2 EC3 are The Benchmark for a reason if you’re unaware of the history basically these shapes are extremely famous for being the most popular kind of gaming mice for a long period of time among Counter-Strike professionals and a lot of different FPS professionals who like ergonomic my shapes and because there’s such a benchmark a lot of mice on the market that are ergonomic actually strongly copy the EC shapes design philosophies miles like the X


ShapeLight most like the Razer Death at a V3 most like the Glorious Model D the shape is a pretty kind of natural and intuitive ergonomic shape there is a deep groove on the left for your thumb with the thumb buttons there is a slight gentle slope inwards for your pinky and your forefinger on the right and the whole Mouse kind of slopes outwards like this towards.

The back and towards the bottom there is gentle grooves on the clicks for your fingers and the click position is pretty high though I don’t find this to be as uncomfortable as some other mice because the hump isn’t so far back that it forces my palm and my fingers to be up it’s just kind of very natural feeling and it just feels like how a mouse would fit under your hand if you just place it on the table that’s a good reason why the ET shape is so beloved and it’s unchanged here which is good news another thing I really like is the coating.

It is very nice and extremely grippy and it’s so good you don’t need to use grip tape this was one thing I really like about the Vexy XC Wireless and Zoe mice as well in general very good coating super grippy and the fact that it doesn’t need grip tape is good because it means that it’s 75 gram


WeightWeight doesn’t need to be added onto with additional accessories it is a pretty chunk and heavy Mouse but I actually say that 75 grams is a pretty alright Mouse wait it doesn’t feel

particularly light but it also doesn’t feel too heavy.

That is really a problem and I think also because this mouse is designed for FPS veterans coming from the classic white easy to EC3 EC ones they don’t want to make it too light so that the transition was too drastic which is understandable it’s not something I particularly like I wish this was like 60 grams but it’s over but the 75 gram weight does also mean a couple extra things that.

I do like about the mouse are made possible because it’s allowed to be a little heavier it still has support for a charging dock just like on a Razer Viper ultimate more on this charging dock slash enhanced receiver in a bit and it also has the ability to basically have good build quality because light miles tend to have a lot of creaking and flag since they make the material really thin like that submarine another thing I like made possible by its weight is the battery life it’s pretty good on the ec2 cw.

It can last a good week and it’s up there with my G Pro X super light which I’m gonna do a Revisited review you very soon I also do quite like the clicks on this mouse because they use these juano ping dot blue shell switches which are really really nice but I don’t quite like how

The mice clicks aren’t separated from the top shell which means well you can click across the whole top part of the body there is a very crippling lack of consistency in Click feel across the board in fact it does have a little bit of a spongy bottom out and a little bit of a loose pre-travel feel to.

It which I’m not the biggest fan however I’m guessing they didn’t really change this too much because this is basically identical to the click view you find on the ec1 or ec2 wired and considering this is targeted at that audience of veterans it makes sense that it’s not too different I would like Zoe to have a nicer crisper click though or at least have that as an option in a different model and let’s talk about things that I think are like just kind of mid.


SensorThe sensor so this uses a Pixar 3370 sensor and truth be told it’s more than enough any FPS professional wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference and you will be fine with it but if you are caught up in the spec arm race and you love the placebo of having

The latest and greatest then this mouse clearly isn’t for you I think the more frustrating part about the fact that it has the older 3370 sensor is really just the fact that for the extremely high price that you pay for this mouse it’s kind of annoying that you have to deal with like last gen Tech as good as it still

Enhanced Receiver

Enhanced ReceiverMight be now the reason that I think Zoe didn’t actually put the latest generation sensor into this mouse is probably because they took a really long time to develop this enhanced receiver thing which supposedly improved connectivity stability and will make sure that you don’t lose any connection mid game to your mouse as far as.

I can tell it makes zero difference a normal USB dongle with a little USB extender from Logitech Razer vaccine basically performs.

The same and in real world use you genuinely will not notice the difference there are some supposed improvements in polling rate consistency and things like that but a lot of its functionality he seems to be kind of achieved just by using the more modern 3395 sensor and running motion.

sync technology instead just why I think this is kind of a pointless addition to the cost of the ec2 CW but it’s also not something that hurts its performance it’s kind of nice I guess for like a desktop ornament and a charging dock and it’s also nice for the placebo effect to think that oh this is going to give me much better performance.

Which is a large part of gaming mice these days it’s just a placebo effect another thing that I think is pretty mid is the thumb buttons they’re kind of l loose and wobbly which for the really expensive price that this house costs uh genuinely don’t think that that is all that satisfying.

it’s too crisp and light and snappy but there is quite a bit of host travel and squishiness but it’s also very similar to the clicks of this mouse so I’m guessing it might be an intentional choice for a certain type of field that they’re going for keep things consistent with the wide predecessors

The scroll wheel is ratchety and loud and it feels like a 90s office Mouse personally like it but I think a lot of people won’t actually like this kind of scroll wheel but once again because of its target audience this is probably the ideal solution the mouse feet are big and nice nothing to talk about here so I just put them in the mid category oh yeah and also on the bottom you do have like buttons to control pulling rate and DPI so it’s like a traditional Mouse.


CompatibilityA part from this fancy Dancy and hunts receiver if you don’t want to use it or you think the bunk is Goofy and shouldn’t be on your desk or you’re just bring it along for like a wireless lens tournament so you don’t want to bring a big thing the ec2 CW also comes with a standard little USB type a dongle so fret not if you want to keep things traditional practical and simple


PriceNow let’s talk about the bad things about the ec2 cw the price 250 Singapore dollars this thing is exorbitantly more expensive than its competitors it costs as much as a final Mouse on resale in Singapore which let’s be honest is a bit of a travesty also the pricing of final Mouse is a travesty I’m not condoning that

Pros and cons

Pros and cons

  • But for that price you’re really getting our gaming mouse that isn’t all that impressive getting a gaming mouse
  • That is heavier than its competitors has a older generation sensor than its competitors has clicks score wheels and thumb buttons that have more wobble pre-travel post travel and squishiness
  • Than its competitors and it’s only real advantages are battery life build quality coating and the iconic shape which now has been cloned into Oblivion by things like the Pulsar X light and the Glorious stuff and the Death at a V3 it also has a charging dock which does make it a pretty hard sell.


But then again those drawbacks that I talked about with the clicks of the scroll wheel and the thumb buttons right weirdly enough these great selling points for a lot of people this mouse was clearly not intended for the Enthusiast gaming mouse crowd or people who won The Cutting Edge crisp Ultra fast ultra light systems

that we have as gaming mice today this mouse was clearly targeted at the bio who is a veteran gamer who was used to zali products it’s a product for Zoe Fanboys or xowie loyalists or just people who are used to design you don’t want change but they want the advantages of going Wireless and as far as that is concerned it’s a pretty good product

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