Best Fitness Tracker Without Smartphone In 2023

The fitness tracker gave us time to reflect on the quality of life we all living. It measures your current energy level and the energy you need for the activities you want. If you have stamina for running, you can still breathe after running, weight, A fitness tracker has unlimited solutions. Best fitness trackers don’t need smartphones, they can work without smartphones.  So in this article we mention some Best Fitness Tracker Without Smartphone In 2023.

After COVID 19 people are aware of their health, and to develop healthy habits, they realize the health goals we once put off because we didn’t have enough time. Sifting our diets and junk food to carefully portioning our protein, vitamins, vegetables, and fruits.

Getting a perfect fitness tracker can be challenging, especially if you are a senior citizen who wants to get the most effective product for yourself.

After performing many experiments, it took me more than one week to analyze more than 30 different fitness trackers on the market.

After testing these fitness trackers, I chose the 5 best fitness trackers based on my specific criteria.

Best Fitness Tracker Without Smartphone in 2023


Please read below to see the best fitness trackers for seniors without smartphones.



The Fitbit Charge 5 has a daily score to help you optimize your training by determining whether you are ready to exercise and whether you should focus on recovery. These features only come with Fitbit premium membership, which is included in this package. To monitor your health you get high and low heart rate monitors and an ECG app that track your heart health and appropriate medical treatment if needed.

Also, the Fitbit Charge 5 has a built-in GPS, that allows you to track your distance and pace during outdoor activities without using a smartphone since the watch has a color touch screen, which is more brighter than on previous models.

We can track your senior citizen with the help of Fitbit without using a smartphone. The biggest drawback of this fitness band is their customer support for warranty, which is not the best among them.

This fitness band is being helpful for senior citizens.


  • It is a lightweight fitness tracker
  • It has a straightforward initial setup
  • Best and comfortable for everyday use 
  • Heart rate monitor works excellently



The Garmin Forerunner 245 music has a built-in GPS for tracking your accurate outdoor activities, providing you with perfect data on route, pace, and distance.

This Smartwatch offers advanced running dynamics, vertical ratio, stride length, and ground contact time balance. These features can accessed when you get additional Garmin accessories that are sold separately.

One of the best features of the Garmin Forerunner 245 music is the ability to playback music since you can sync the smartwatch with popular streaming services and it allows you to listen to your favorite songs from your wrist.

After performing many tests with this best fitness tracker. I found that the interface can be clunky and hard to use for elders for senior citizens.


  • The size of this Smartwatch is greater when you have a small wrist.
  • Fitness tracking features and security features are incredibly useful.
  • This is the perfect fitness tracker when you are a recreational runner



This OZO FITNESS CSI Pedometer is a hassle-free and straightforward tracker that is made to simplify. That helps you on your fitness journey with its simple setup, making this tracker perfect for senior citizens.

This fitness tracker has an auto-dimming screen that helps save power when you are not using it.

Based on first-hand experience, you can pull out the battery insulator and start in just two seconds, no complicated setup or programming is required.

After performing many experiments with this fitness tracker that doesn’t require a smartphone. The only drawback of this band is its underperforming battery compared to other competitors on the market.


  • Best fitness trackers for senior citizens without smartphone
  • This is a cheap fitness tracker
  • Measurements and counts steps more accurately than other fitness tracker on the market



The AVTREK 3D fitness tracker is a device that simply tracks your steps and helps you to achieve your fitness goals with its straightforward design and easy-to-use interface, this fitness tracker is best for senior citizens who want convenience and simplicity.

This pedometer has a high-reliability sensor made in the US and is equipped with an advanced error corrections system to ensure that step counts are more accurate compared to other bands available in the market.

This fitness tracker is lightweight in design and compact in size allowing you to clip it on your belt or waistband, you can put it in your pocket or even wear it around your neck.

Based on my observation, this tracker has only one problem is that until the 10 steps, it doesn’t count it.


  • It has all the components that I need to track my walking experience
  • This pedometer is affordable
  • Easy to use, when once you read the instructions


The feifuns simple fitness tracker counts steps and calories and also functions as a stopwatch, daily alarm, and dual alarm clock.

Based on our first-hand experience, one of the best features of this activity tracker for seniors is its long battery life since it can last upward of 12 to 15 days without the need to worry about battery and the charging process is very easy. Simply insert the fitness tracker into the Power Bank USB port or USB power adaptor.

This has a vibration alarm, that makes sure that you wake up without disturbing everyone around you, additionally, the tracker is water resistant up to 50m, which means you can wear, it while you are cleaning, bathing, swimming, and diving in the pool.

Based on our observation, this pedometer doesn’t work properly and won’t provide the most accurate results.


  • Best cheap fitness tracker if you are a water sports player
  • It is easy to use
  • It has many features that you need daily


These are the 5 best fitness tracker without smartphone that are best for senior citizens and young people. You can buy this fitness tracker from online shopping stores like Amazon and eBay.


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