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When we play video games on smartphones a question hits our mind. does gaming affect phones? Before we answer this question Does Gaming Affect Phones. let’s discuss this topic in detail.

Does Gaming Affect Phones

According to studies and observations. We Say YES, Gaming Affects Phones.

Gaming damaged our smartphones. specially if you do gaming for a long period. Here are some ways that gaming can damage your smartphone. Let’s discuss how Does Gaming Affect Phones.

Battery Drain

How Does Gaming Affect Phones Gaming is a very power-intensive activity, and it can quickly drain your smartphone’s battery.

So In short, we can say yes it affects your smartphone’s life, but first understand how.
Every smartphone is an electronic machine from cheapest to cost. The only difference is the quality of electronic products used in the manufacturing of the smartphone.

First, let’s talk about high-end flagship smartphones. Almost all flagship phones use the latest products like SoC, battery, display, processor, CPU, and many more latest technology-based products. Their life span is not that much affected as compared to the mid-range or budget smartphones.

Does Gaming Affect Processor

This is because the latest processor is much more efficient as their fabrication is getting smaller every year (last year’s Snapdragon 845 was fabricated using a 10nm process, this Snapdragon 855 is fabricated using 7nm processing).

The core advantage of this is an increase in the performance of the smartphone and a decrease in battery consumption at the same time. Hence, less power is also consumed by games which leads to less heat generation.


The AMOLED display consumes less battery compared to the TFT display or LCD. Those smartphones have AMOLED displays, which give long-term battery performance and do not get heat easily.



The battery is getting better as technology has evolved. Now, high-density lithium batteries are used in smartphones which are more efficient than before batteries.

Those smartphones have lithium batteries, which give long-term battery backup.
Gaming puts a heavy load on smartphones. Talking heavy games like Pubg, Call Of Duty, FREE FIRE, New State Mobile, Battle Prime Multiplayer Fps, Last Island Of Survival and more, puts the SoC under heavy load and the battery is consumed at a faster rate. When two same phones are compared say iPhone XS, if gaming is done on one phone and the other phone is used for all other uses than gaming, you will see the difference. For mid-range phones, the same effect occurs but relatively at a faster rate than flagship smartphones. In budget phones, you will see this effect fastest.

The main issue in smartphones is heat generation. Games like Pubg, Call Of Duty, free fire New State Mobile, Battle Prime Multiplayer Fps, Last Island Of Survival and More high storage, and Heavy graphic games generate lots of heat energy. Flagship smartphones have good heat dissipation techniques like thermal paste, graphite sheets, and many more. Nowadays liquid cooling (copper tube-filled liquid) is also implemented in smartphones which further improves heat dissipation.

Mid-range smartphones have less cooling solution and hence are more affected by heat. Low-budget smartphones have minimal cooling solutions which puts them at even more risk of heating.


Gaming in mid-range or low-budget smartphones affects smartphone life And battery parformance. But gaming in high-end flagship smartphones less or minimally affects smartphone life compared to mid rang smartphones, but if you do gaming for a long period it also affects your smartphone. according to research Does Gaming Affect Phones Answer is YES

Therefore we can say that games affect our smartphone life And parformance Etc .

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