I buy laptop or iPhone 2024

I buy laptop or iPhone

You should buy a laptop or iPhone. it depends upon your usage and work, What you need. In this article we solve your problem about this question could I buy laptop or iPhone. Listing out a few points such that you can choose to buy a laptop or iPhone.

If you want to do coding choose a laptop because we can’t do coding on iPhones and other phones.If you are a technology freak choose a laptop. If you want to do gaming pick a laptop for better gaming.

If you want to create content for social media choose a laptop. If you are doing research pick the laptop. Only involved in social networking (like – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more)pick a smartphone Only for call usage pick a smartphone.

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The laptop is a portable device that has been made by updating the computer. it is easy to use and carry compared to the computer. it can do all the work that is done in the computer, many high operating systems can be installed in it. And different software can be used for each operating system, it can be taken anywhere, so nowadays people like laptops more than pc and computers, in this you can do many things like.

  • The laptop used for Typing
  • Laptop used for Coding and Editing
  • Laptop use for Office Work
  • Laptop Use for Professional Work

Laptops are used for Graphics Design, Photoshop, Corel, Pagemaker, and many more.


It is a small hand-held device. it is easy to use and carry. it runs on operating systems Android and iOS, which is quite popular, there are many apps available in the google play store and apple app store, which can do many daily tasks easily like calling, gaming, picture clicking, video recording, and for social media uses, etc, which is not a laptop can do.

If you do calling choose a smartphone

If you click photos choose smartphone

If you do gaming choose the smartphone

For social media apps ( like Instagram, Facebook, what’s the App, Twitter, etc ) choose the smartphons.

Smartphone vs Laptop

As we compare laptops and smartphones, Suppose you want to go to Delhi from Uttar Pradesh. you have 2 choices first By bike and second By car, then which one would you like to go? The answer to all will be of the car. Because such a long journey by bike will not be comfortable and easy. And you have to face many difficulties on the way and you can go comfortably and safely in the car.

Look at this example from the point of view of computers and smartphones, your work can also be done on a smartphone but is limited, but you can work for a long time on a computer and laptop.

Laptops and smartphones cannot be equated, you can sit and work for 4 hours on a laptop, and they cannot work even for 1 hour on a mobile.

Apart from this, you cannot run laptop software like MS OFFICE, Photoshop, Hindi typing, software development, internet, etc on the smartphone. Here you can run only entertainment-related apps like What’s App, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, pubg, free fire, and many more social apps.


That’s why we don’t think that a smartphone can do all the work that a laptop or pc can do, if it were so, then the company running the smartphone itself would have been working with a smartphone instead of a pc or laptop.

So, we choose a laptop or iPhone according to our work and needs.

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