Top 5 Gadgets For 2024 In Cheap Price

Technology never stands still, and that means there are always new gadgets come on the way. In fact , if there you can certain one thing it brings some thing new and impressive tech each year. In this year we already seen many great gadgets hit store shelves, it includes the highly anticipated Samsung galaxy s22 ultra lite and latest MacBook featuring M2 pro and M2 max chips. In this article we talk about Top 5 Gadgets For 2024.

In coming 2024, is shaping up to be no different and there is a lot to get excited about from all across the technological spectrum. There are many possibilities of new gaming system from Nintendo and Lenovo. Some Smartphones released such as the iPhone 16 and Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra lite and some more innovative technology that could change the way of peoples interaction with laptops and television.

Top 5 Gadgets For 2024

Top 5 Gadgets For 2024These are Top 5 Gadgets For 2024 1.Nintendo New Console, 2.Lenovo Legion Go, 3.Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Lite, 4.Iphone 16, 5.Pholed Television


NINTENDO NEW CONSOLEWhatever you think about the Nintendo switch, there are little denying that it has been a huge success for the Japanese company. First hitting store shelves in year 2017, there are now many different models available for gamers, and it has become third best selling gaming console of all time with more than 125 million sales. Yet, this gaming console will be seven year old in 2024 and is no match for either the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X|S in term of performance, so the next year is the perfect time for Nintendo to launch its new gaming console.

There are some key indications that the successor to the switch is likely to arrive in coming year 2024. Sources have told VGC that development kits for the new Nintendo console have been sent to some studios- although the launch likely to be closer to the end of the year than the beginning to give the company enough time to produce the gaming console in high enough numbers to fullfill demand.

Nintendo has been tight lipped about its next hardware release. Currently very little people know about the console, but it seem like that Nintendo will retain the hybrid philosophy so, that it can be played on television and in handheld mode. Other sources suggest that the system will have an LCD screen and countinue to use cartridges for its games.


LENOVO LEGION GOLENOVO LEGION GOWith the massive popularity of the Nintendo switch proved that there is plenty of high demand of portable handheld gaming systems. In fact, the success of that system of this company, it release other similar devices such as valve with its Steam Deck. Gamers look likely to have more choice in coming year 2024. when it come to playing games on the go with a high number of new portable PC gaming systems on the horizon, and the most exciting of them in the Legion Go from Lenovo.

The laptop company has not even officially confirmed that the existence of the Legion Go. But there have been some leaks about the product over the last few months. According to the leaks suggest that the device will have the aspect ratio of 16:10 and output a resolution of 1600p that is the significant improvement over the display quality of other handheld gaming PC hardware such as Steam deck.

Meanwhile, there are also some leaks that the system will use the same chip that Asus’ ROG Ally use, AMD’s custom Z1 phoenix chip. leaked images point to the laptop having detachable controllers just like the Nintendo switch.

There’s still no word on when the lenovo legion Go might launch in 2024. The improved specification compared to the steam Deck and Rog Ally may well make it more expensive than both of those console whenever it does launch.


SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 ULTRA LITESamsung is bringing an innovative new smartphone to its galaxy series with the anticipated S22 ultra lite in upcoming year 2024. This smartphone has packs the stand out features of Samsung. It is flagship and come in more affordable price.

This smartphone come with the S-Pen stylus and professional camera of the S22 ultra. This smartphone has more affordable. It has cutting corners in select areas, the galaxy s22 ultra lite deliver excellent performance and best value. Samsung know many users want flagship innovative smartphone without the high price.

The galaxy s22 ultra lite look to be in 2024 most exciting and anticipated smartphone. With its best cameras and top tier stylus , this new release smartphone will bring the flagship galaxy experience to the masses when it drop in 2024. Samsung continue to push smartphone tech forward with this accessible and futuristic smartphone.


IPHONE 16Since the launching of the iphone in year 2007. This smartphone has not only been hugely successful but also influential to the industry. Apple’s flagship product has a market share in excess of 15% and millions of people early awaited the latest model each year. The company launched the iPhone 14 and iphone 14 pro in the end of 2022 with the great reviews. The rumors expected that the latest versions of the smartphone will hit store shelves in winters in this year. It is not only about iphone 15 that has people excited. The iphone 16 and its variants which will launch near the 2024 according to the rumors.

Apple company still to officially launch the iphone 15, there is no clear information from the company about the launch of iphone 16 in upcoming year 2024. but rumors suggest that larger versions of the iphone could on the way, it come with under display face ID. There are many possibilities of iPhone 16 introduce solid state button for control such as volume and power.

Another rumour that is Apple lover may skip the iPhone 15 and wait until next year is the possible launch of an iphone 16 ultra. This upcoming iphone 16 version would be the more expensive offering and include amazing features that not seen in other models. Some rumours suggest this version could include things like a larger screen, more powerful hardware and battery and a design without any ports for charging. All these features would certainly make the iPhone 16 is more popular.


PHOLED TELEVISIONOver the last years, television have significantly improved to utilise new type of advance technology such as HD screen,4K display and High resolution. Now streaming service, television network and video game console show content to viewers in 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. In the last two years the adoption of 8K television has been slow. customers want something else to get excited about in the Television space.

Now the huge amount of peoples choose the OLED screen televisions and that technology could upgraded in 2024 as PHOLED becomes more widespread. In fact major brands such as samsung and LG are both developing PHOLED television and other companies will likely follow suit. PHOLED stands “phosphorescent organic light emitting diode” is new way of manufacturing television that replaces the common fluorescent subpixels with phosphorescent ones. The end result is a more efficient television that uses less energy but is also brighter and more vivid.

Currently many OLED televisions use some phosphorescent subpixels,but creating blue phosphorescent material has proven difficult. However universal display corporation manufacturer claims that to be ready a mass production of blue phosphorescent material and giving opportunity to television brands to create fully PHOLED television. For consumers it provide low energy bill and bright television screen.


These are Top 5 Gadgets For 2024 most anticipated and exciting upcoming gadgets consumers can except to see in next year 2024.


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